For the Love of God, Put Down Your Phone!

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Something I think we can all benefit from! Good read MB!



How much time do you spend using your phone each day? I use mine for nearly everything! It is my camera, GPS, recipe book, notepad, calendar, alarm clock, grocery list, exercise log, Bible, baby monitor, ETC. The list goes on forever BECAUSE there is an app for absolutely everything.  Do I need an app for everything? Sometimes I think so!

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Complex, Concert and Gold Fever *Hiccup*

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Whats up everyone…!?  I’m beginning to think that running always leads to me blogging. But perhaps it’s not so much the running but the adventure of meeting new people and tackling long distances armed with, or rather “toed” with nothing but moccasins and an ipod..!? Maybe what I should do is something else besides running these races to test my inspirations!  But alas I am here, post race trying to fill you in on a few of this weeks events, ending with the half marathon I ran this morning.

I’ll start though with this complex I think I’m beginning to develop.  You all, at least you all who have actually seen me in real life know I’m not that tall, and stand at 5’5″ which is average height, by my definition, no need to google ;). And actually the last time I went to have a physical done to renew my med card for my cdl the nurse measured me at 5’6″… The same height as my wife, who swears shes taller regardless of what the nurse says. Whatever…!!!! But here is I think where my complex started. Since we’ve been married I’ve kinda accepted it that she may be taller and its never really bothered me. Not too much… Lately though its been times when I see her in the kitchen cooking or in the bathroom getting her hair together and I wanna get that kiss on her neck or some other affectionate move without interrupting what she’s doing and I have to kinda tip toe to get at my love…. And don’t let her have shoes on and me not… Why they make collars…!? They wrong for that!!! :/ Then the devil’ll subconsciously hit me with, why don’t you just get a concordance, get that extra boost homie…  I jest! But I think thats where the complex started.

And as if that ain’t enough, about a month ago one day when I arrived to work, one of my coworkers, whom I get along with started greeting me in his islander accent with “Hey little man!” He went a few mornings doing it, then one day, in my feelings I said something to him “Whatch Ya Mouth Bwa”…  Needless to say he didn’t stop… It took me about a week to internally work it out that he don’t mean no harm and I need to let it go. Afterwards I just started going with it and responding with “Hey big guy!” I’d mastered my pride over that moment…  Well… Until this Friday when getting my paperwork together I see the plant manager (my bosses, bosses boss) who knows me by name, but haven’t seen in months sees me and the first thing he says “Hey Lil Man”…… WHAT!???? My eyes flicked green and the #6pacolypse almost came out…SMH I was able to eek out a “Hey Big Man” as I about faced and went in another direction, offended. This little man complex is something serious… Pray for me! It’s pride! I know now that I’ve told you all this you might pray for me… But prey on me and I’mma need to then pray for your healing suckas… Don’t do it!!! LoL

The other event in my life this week has been taking Denise to this Anomaly tour on Thursday to see christian rap artist Lecrae and Andy Mineo. I wanna first say thank you to the team of folk who babysat while we went up to Athens (my first of 3 trips) 1 1/2 hrs away. I wanted to bring my older 2 along but because of school testing we decided it wouldn’t have been good… So we went and although I think for the most part it was a good to hear and see them, I wasn’t too impressed with their performances. More Andys than Lecraes… For some reason I expected more of a show (something to see) especially from Andy because he seems so crazy wild on the internets. Definitely a little more than just pacing back and forth in front of a big tv screen… Their rapping was good and they did some good songs. The lights and screen work was cool… The bass had my arm hair jumping, which turned out to be my favorite part. But overall, I kept thinking where was the stage show!? Lecrae had more of a stage show to his, but then Lecrae has more years in it. My baby was all into it though… Singing and dancing so much it made my heart glad. Get down baby..!!!!!

I should’ve taken off work to take her though because we got there right at starting time and had paid $45 instead of $25 a piece for a meet and greet with Andy before the show along with early entry. Some of the problem was poor planning on my part. I gotta get better! In the end though I was glad to be with Denise and that she enjoyed it!

Which brings me to todays half marathon. 13.1 miles of hill after hill after hill… Had I’da known the course before hand  it might have been the nail in the coffin for me. The first plank to that coffin was that 2 of the kids had games today in separate places..  It wasn’t even baseball season when I signed up for the Chic-Fi-La half in Athens Ga. But my baby had agreed to pull it off so I could participate in the race… I wanna take a moment here to interject a bit of wisdom that doesn’t directly relate to this situation but nevertheless is marital importance… And that is that I’ve been married 13 yrs but am just learning that wifies wanna know that we as men will stop everything to assist them… EVERYTHING!!! And without acting extra… Its a hard lesson… Its how they are wired… They need this…. SMH Now back to me and this coffin. Denise agreeing to getting the kids to their games freed me up to stay on my mission, chasing chains. Another plank came while sitting in Athens, Thursday after work, waiting on Lecrae to come out I remember that races have “race-day packets (A race-day packet comes with your bib, which is the officials way of tracking you and is needed in order to be counted as a participant)” and I needed to see how I’d get mine. After a quick look I was disgusted to see that I had to pick up my packet from the health and wellness expo, that very next day in the same building I was sitting in at the time… SMH!!! Maaannnnnn…  I almost cried thinking about having  to drive back up here the very next day after work on which was said earlier in the week to be a heavy day, and then back home on friday and then back and again on saturday! TOOOO MUCH! Discussing it with Denise during intermission she encouraged me to just try to find someone to get it for me or see if the coordinators could hold it till I arrive on Saturday. So I spent all Friday on the phone while at work trying to call around to make something shake. I’d decided that because I’d failed to plan and the kids had games and there was rain on Saturdays forecast and I was fatigued already from Thursdays trip coupled with this grueling coke work that I would except my dwindling hopes of running. But then at some point I looked on CFA’s facebook and seen that awesome medal for the finishers and what could only be described using a term from ducktales hit me, “Gold Fever” *hiccup*…. Sidenote.. I wonder if I can get Ducktales seasons from Amazon!? After that… I hated what I knew I was about to do… So getting off work.. I told Denise I was just gonna go back up there and get it… She didn’t want me to. And we ain’t the best at conflict, but yesterday we did good at respecting, communicating and understanding each others points of view. She hates me driving long distances after work… I dozed off more than once on the way to and back from Thursdays Anomaly concert. So afterwards I rolled out with my oldest to the make that trek. It was only suppose to be and hr and a half but I found myself on 85 going north during rush hr… That made it almost a 3 hr trip. We arrived like 15 mins before the expo closed. The whole drive I kept thinking, Lord help me accept if I get there and its closed.. At least I can sleep in on Saturday…

All the way up to this morning I encountered trouble. As I thought the race started at 8… SMH! Nope… I realized about 6 miles away from Athens this morning start time was 7:15… Luckily I had planned to arrive at 7. I literally stepped out the car at 7… Went to the restroom, came out, walked to the start line, geared up and they blew the whistle. I had no time to eat or anything… I ate energy gums and drank at every station along the way trying stay energized! I’m suprised to say I didn’t experience the one unavoidable problem from my first two halfs. Side cramps around mile 7 and 8… Despite the hill-acious course (pun intended), the only thing I suffered from was fatigue due to not eating, later on in the race. I knew that because of poor training not to push myself so I decided to take pics and videos during the race, enjoying the trip. I ended up not even running the whole thing. Due to the hills I had to enact plan b, which was to walk up the hills and then jog with a wider stride down them. All this lead to a finishing time of 2:15:43… Which isn’t my best time but is certainly better than I had expected considering the route and my own condition.

During the course though I couldn’t help but remember that like this particular hilly course we go through ups and downs in life right up to its end… And sometimes there seems to be nothing in it to truly look forward to but the end. What end though..!? For todays race it was that medal!! In life though, that depends on you… If ever you need a reason to keep ya head up… Get at me!


Just Call Me 2Chainz!!

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13.1 miles…!? Without some form of mental distraction….!?!?! Bwa Stawwwp! Can’t even do it… And I know I’ve seen a meme say that if you need music to run then you aint a runner!…. Ok, I’m cool with that, then I’m a walker, a fast paced walker. LoL I like running. I enjoy the feeling of having covered miles of ground with my legs in a short time. But without music running for me is like a 2pc dark and no biscuit or skrawberry drank! Where they do that at!? So this weekend I was on a mission in Albany with the fam to collect my second medal for running a half marathon. 13.1 miles I knew I would cover, cause I knew I wanted that chain, but how much pain I’d go through to get it is what I didn’t know as I hadn’t trained as much for this one as I did my last. And I’ve been having knee problems as its been popping out of socket randomly. Once while at work it popped out and brought me to my knees in the Publix parking lot in front of folks. My coworker and a customer were like “Man.. U ok!?” Couldn’t  do nothing but laugh. And even though it doesn’t do it while running I didn’t know if that was just a coincidence or not. I knew I was sure to find out this weekend.

This was my first time traveling to participate in a race and I brought the fam which was a blessing. Having them there especially at my last mile encouraged me to look strong as they would be somewhere on the side line ready to dap me up and cheer me on, although 6 people in one hotel room should be avoided at all cost. But because of poor planning on my part it was too rushed and I wasn’t able to enjoy all aspects of a traveled run. I literally came into town, got my packet, ate, slept, ran and came home.  I did however encounter some small adventures which hopefully has lead into new friendships such as waiting in the hotel lobby and bumming a ride to the event, twice! And I discovered a shrimp, chicken and sausage pasta from Ruby Tuesdays that was the straight up bomb! I’ve eaten it again since this weekend. LoL

I knew I wouldn’t PR but I didn’t want to finish too much later than my last half which was 2:05. My time in this weeks half was 2 mins slower, but I can live with that. Due to my new nike gps sportswatch I was able to watch my pace and maintain a 30 min window, between 9.02-9.33, my quicker pace being at the beginning. There are a few things I noticed while running I thought I’d bring up. Interesting to me, do what you want with them. The first being not only with this run but with all races I’ve participated in is the habit of finding what I think I will call a “tofit friend (” This is the person whom I find myself strangely attached to through the thick of the run. Not the beginning nor end, but through the middle of my runs. We don’t ever talk.. We just run… And run together! Maybe its all in my mind, but I use this person to maintain whatever pace I find them in and I just hold it until I get close enough to the end where I know I can pick it up and maintain for the rest of the run. It was around that time towards the end of my run I saw a couple funny poster boards that took my mind off the run and helped me pick up the pace. One read “Chuck (Norris) runs until the treadmill gets tired” and the other “At least you run better than our government.” Run supporters are the best. So even if you’re not a runner, it sure feels good to have folk on the sideline cheering you on. Even if you don’t know them.

The last interesting thing I saw was around mile 5 at an intersection there was a funeral procession that was held up due to runners crossing it. And being still kinda early on in the race the runners were still somewhat clumped together. So he wasn’t gonna get a chance to pass anytime soon. The hearse driver was out off his car and had to be fussing with the patrolman as another officer across the street had to forcefully command the driver to get back into his car. I just thought it was interesting and with all do respect to the deceased that day, but death had to make a way for life. We’re used to seeing a funeral and everyone moving to the side here in the south giving it the right of way. A sign of respect for the family as well as the dead going to their final resting place. Except, in truth, for those in Christ death no longer gets the right of way. I know that was probably a weak analogy and I hope it doesn’t come across as too distasteful. But the truth is, death gets too much attention…. As it only takes a second to die and then you live forever. Instead of being so concerned with death, in my opinion, we need to be concerned with the life afterwards….

So that was my weekend and some. Its taking days to recover, longer than it did the last half marathon I ran, due to none to hardly any training. Something I plan to remedy as my next half is coming up in April. And hopefully a full by years end!!

Pre race photo! #6pacolypse

Pre race photo! #6pacolypse


The fam and I post race.


I was so nervous before the race. One the rare times I don’t wish I had his hair! LoL


Drake doesn’t need new friends but I’m always glad to make some!


Another chain for the collection! Albany Marathon!

New friends. Rode with them to the event from the hotel! Thanks guys!

New friends. Rode with them to the event from the hotel! Thanks guys!

The kids kept asking "whats that stuff on your face"...LoL

The kids kept asking “whats that stuff on your face”…LoL

Me crossing the finish line. Amazing how they get everyone crossing!

Me crossing the finish line. Amazing how they get everyone crossing!

Manna Got Stop Complaining

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Hip Hip Horaaaayyy! Hip Hip Horaaaayy!  Hip Hip Horaaaayy! Three cheers for my sons (Londen, photo below #11) Upwards basketball team the “Spartans” this Saturday as they had their first victory over the Golden Bears. It’s their 3rd game of the season and watching their progression, as their coach, from the first practices up until this 3rd game has been quite the experience for me. This is my first time ever coaching anything. I figured I needed to quit dodging responsibility and try stepping up for once. Plus I’ve seen Upwards done a few times and last year assisted with my younger sons football team. I’d say the organization really does all the work except for give the instructions to the kids on what to do during practices and games, but even that’s provided in written form considering you know how to read. LoL

In other news, I’ve started listening to a new podcast this week called “The Briefing” by a Christian brainiac (Al Mohler) if you could call him that who discusses current events from a christian world view. It’s actually kinda timely for me as I’d been thinking about how I could keep up with the times because shameful to say I don’t watch much news. He does an excellent job with bringing out the importance of what we see changing in our world and why we as Christians should care. So, should you get tired of just listening to music like I sometimes find myself doing, check him out. But now to the “bloggness at hand.”

Back in late 2009, before we moved to Atlanta, Denise gave birth to our 4th and youngest child Amaya Renee Chavis. At the time we only had one car I believe, 1999 Chrysler Sebring, with a sunroof I might add. I loved that thing. Well anyhow, it being our only vehicle for a now family of six we were gonna need something new. And tax season was still a few months away so you know we wasn’t fixing to remedy that for a minute. But it just so happened that the church we’d been attending was donated an SUV the week before Denise went into labor. And it was that Sunday, Dec 21st when the church leaders were discussing what to do with the recently donated bright yellow expedition, that they received a text from me saying that we had given birth to Amaya. It was then that they’d settled on what to do with the Expedition…. So mind you, they gave us a 99 Ford Expo that had been tricked out and used as a Show Truck. Yellow inside and out, on 22’s, screens in the seats, I’m Jim Jones and Denise was Chrissy cause we was”Baaaallliiiin!!!!” LoL Or at least looked the part as we paid nothing for it. The Lord had shown out for us!

Well, years down the road, gas prices are high and shoes for 22’s will have any working man singing the blues. And not only that, we live in Ga now where you gotta pay for and pass emissions just to give the state money to get a little sticker on your license plate. From time to time these things make me wanna complain about what God has provided and honestly, sometimes I despise it. But then I’m reminded of a lesson taught to the Israelites while crossing the desert on the way to the promise land. Heres the picture; The Israelites had been freed by God from captivity by the Egyptians for 400 years with the promise of a land of their own, flowing with milk and honey. But during the way, the Lord took them through the desert to test them, to know their hearts. While crossing the desert the Lord had been providing for them in many ways, such as shade during the day, heat and light at night, clothes that lasted 40 years, water and even food. But its one time in particular I want to us to look at. Its found in Numbers 11. The children of Israel had been eating manna, which was bread literally provided by God. They would go to sleep at night, a mist would fall to the ground and when they had awakened their would be manna (sometimes called angels food) to supply their need. After eating this day after day they began to complain to Moses and literally said “we remember the fish we use to eat for free in Egypt. And we had all the cucumbers, melons, leeks, onions, and garlic we wanted. But now our appetites are gone and all we ever see is the manna!”  Wow…. Complaining… Are you serious!?!? They ain’t making bricks without straws like they was doing in Egypt… Getting beat for not making them quotas everyday… But they miss Egypt cause they tired of food falling from the sky… I mean if the money grew on trees these jokers might complain the ink was still wet!  How could they be so ungrateful!?!? But then again, how could I..?

We all can point to things we know the Lords blessed us with, from material things, to jobs, to relationships. Things we knew were from His hand at one point, but for some reason or another we’ve gotten tired of them. Discontentment has set in… And if not careful we’ll find that our discontentment is so often not with that one thing or person, but with the Lord. But that’s another blog in itself. If you haven’t read the story of the God’s people being lead out of Egypt I encourage you to give it go. The story can be found in Exodus, the second book in the bible.

I hope I didn’t go too long for you. Thanks for following. And my prayer is that He allows you to find your complete satisfaction in Him! Grace and Peace!

Late Night Leftovers…

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So today I come to you partially huddled over a nice warm bowl of chicken, shrimp and sausage gumbo in my pj’s and feeling a little chaffed, due to 12 miles I ran this morning in drawls instead of boxers (TMI probably, but then this is the information highway and I’m not driving Miss Daisy)…  I knew better, and I can’t find my Gold Bond…  But I was reluctant to go running this am after going to bed late due to great conversation with a good friend over whats turning into my most favorite topics: race, economy, history and finances. Most of it is him schooling me, while I throw in a comment here or there so its not so evident that I ride around all day listening to Rich Gang when I know I need to “leave these beats alone and get my mind right!” So yeah, it’s been a minute sense I’ve gotten to discuss these topics. The last time I’ve had such pleasure lead me to order a slew of books such as “Inherently Unequal”, “Atlanta Paradox”, “The Sins of Our Fathers” and others I can’t recall right now as that first bowl of gumbo is running through my system spreading the “itis.”

The reason I find at least the whole race thing so intriguing is because of my own up bring. I grew up in a family of 4 not including my folks of which I am the oldest. We grew up in the small town of Westlake, La which is predominantly white and my folks finding Christ while I was around 10 and joining a nice sized church with predominantly white people made it easy for me to see life through white peoples eyes. And honestly, white people weren’t going to steer me into thinking about my own race unless I tried to holler at their daughters in most of instances. So I never really gave thought or seen blacks doing extremely well for themselves and others until I moved away. I mean I knew the slave narrative a few heroes and some basic knowledge of what they had done. I’d be lying if I’d say it was more than a handful of folk I knew. I had little knowledge and gave less thought to “the struggle”.  No idea of what “the system” is or what “the system” actually does to black folk. I mean I’m just now learning that the majority of blacks right after being emancipated were actually republican. And was informed by the homie last night that a great majority switched to the democratic vote after FDR and the great depression, as he sought to remedy the hurting economy with creating jobs (which seems to mean add two more floors to every government building and break down one federal job into 3 jobs and hire 2 more people to help that man) essentially giving them government jobs and creating bigger governement.

These things were oblivious to me, so I can’t get enough of wanting to learn about the struggle blacks overcame after being emancipated. And the drives they had to learn and have their own and show themselves respectable and equal to their peers. Willing and desiring to help one another while at the same time being glad that they actually had something instead of complaining about what they didn’t have or the mistreatment they still had to endure after being freed. It’s amazing to see the in-affect the emancipation had on the feelings of white people. They still continued to degrade on some levels and show disrespect or partiality, just like today. The difference was that then we expected it and so super-grinded to prove we were better. I mean, the grind wasn’t far from them anyway cause just the day before they was in “Massahs Field” from sun up till late after sun down in some cases. And then whats even crazier is once being freed many slaves got jobs and then sent food, clothes and in some cases money to their former owners who couldn’t now make ends meet due to their dependence on their slaves. Right now I’m just rambling. But if you follow me on social media perhaps now you’ll have an idea of where some of my status updates come from.

I promise I had planned to come on and talk about other things like how I’d bought a tea kettle this week after months of saying I would and am now trying to perfect my hot tea making skills. Or about some new encouragement I’ve gotten in scripture while reading through the bible in a year with my church. Was gonna give a shout out to a coworker at the warehouse where I work who put me up on game about my own ratchetry and how it could be responsible for me not being able to move around in the company. But alas, today’s blog has gone long enough and I swore to myself that at it’s re-inception I wouldn’t waste a lot of time planning it out as I more importantly want to get into the habit of doing one consistently while allowing myself time to execute meaningful topics and themes.  I do however want to give you the opportunity to suggest reads or documentaries on the subjects addressed above. Or bring correction or light to something I may be errant on. All communication is welcome. Thanks for coming through and you will be pleased to know that I did find my gold bond by the time I had finished writing this, which was all in one setting. I leaned back in my computer chair and there it was on top of the computer desk next to the printer. Ha Ha… Relief at last! Deuces 😉

All Your Hopes and Dreams in 2015…

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Ok, so I stole that line. I took it from a friend on facebook who was joking on someones New Years post, as a whack church catch phrase sure to be used by some pastor looking to raise the hopes of their congregation during a midnight watch service. So don’t hate on my cornball title, its borrowed.

Its been a long time since I’ve written a blog post and it’s that as well as podcasting and keeping up with “The #6Pacolypse, #Shirtlesssummer and #MusclePoppins” (deserving its own blogged explanation, sure to come) that I’ve decided to be my fresh resolution this year. Reason being is because I think perhaps I spend too much time thinking about what I need to do and complaining that I can’t do other things instead of just doing something. Yeah, work takes alot of my time. A tiring amount of time and the wife plus four kids (10, 9, 7 and 6) awaiting at home don’t care anything about them 12 hours I put in at coke. Wifeys ready to tell me about all she’s heard and seem today and my oldest son wants to go play basketball EVERYDAY and my oldest daughter, wants to know, as soon as I walk in whats for dinner (like I know), can she ride her bike, can she have a snack, when we gonna start on her school report, can she go to the dollar store and what all she’s done at school today. Needless to continue, but daddy has excuses, or does he!?

Before the beginning of this year I’d taken up reading my bible more often on the account that I cant stop taking in defiling influences as I should so what I’d do is increase the amount of “positive ones” (which is really a weak definition) in hopes to flood and flush out the negative ones, losing all interest in them. I know this works as I’ve tried it before, numerous times and it works, considering you’re consistent, God is faithful. During my reading I came across a verse of scripture that’s kinda been giving me encouragement for months, Ecclesiastes 9:10 “whatever your hands find to do, do it with your might, for there is no work or thought or knowledge or wisdom in Sheol, to which you are going.” This tells me to take advantage of the opportunities I have available to me. To capitalize on the right now. Rather I’m at work, or at home, at church, with friends, family or even those folk who get on my everlasting nerves I should capitalize and make the most of those times. Because how many folk lay in the grave right now wishing they could go to that stupid job they hated… Hang out with those ratchet in-laws… Spend time swallowing their tongue for that spouse they chose… Or even starting a blog or a podcast and sticking with it. Too often I’ve made excuses as to why my hand can’t do or doesn’t want to do what it’s found or been given. In a word I’m just saying that we should live without regrets, because after all nothings worse than being dead.

The Ice Cream Man

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       Noooo..this thread is not about MAster P….Uhhhhh NA NA NA NA…LoL  But it’s about my local ice cream man!  I just found out that my local ice cream man whom I’d been hating on because of his late hours in our apt complex…  Has been selling more than ice cream!  And no it’s not drugs as No Limit taught us…LoL  But rather, toiletries, can goods and  feminine products along with bomb pops, chips and suckers!  Very innovative for him…  I have changed my thoughts about him!  Has anyone else ever heard of this before….?  I even heard he’ll make a run to the grocery store for you and will trade his goods to the kids for a plate lunch outta ya home!  He has a schedule run and a paper menu with nachos on that joint!!!  So next time I hear that fool comin with that ice cream music and generator soundin like the stinkin bug man, I’mma check my cabinets for tissue, green beans and a couple bomb pops and make groceries outside!  Go Ice Cream Man!!!!