The Ice Cream Man

       Noooo..this thread is not about MAster P….Uhhhhh NA NA NA NA…LoL  But it’s about my local ice cream man!  I just found out that my local ice cream man whom I’d been hating on because of his late hours in our apt complex…  Has been selling more than ice cream!  And no it’s not drugs as No Limit taught us…LoL  But rather, toiletries, can goods and  feminine products along with bomb pops, chips and suckers!  Very innovative for him…  I have changed my thoughts about him!  Has anyone else ever heard of this before….?  I even heard he’ll make a run to the grocery store for you and will trade his goods to the kids for a plate lunch outta ya home!  He has a schedule run and a paper menu with nachos on that joint!!!  So next time I hear that fool comin with that ice cream music and generator soundin like the stinkin bug man, I’mma check my cabinets for tissue, green beans and a couple bomb pops and make groceries outside!  Go Ice Cream Man!!!!


~ by dac1224 on May 12, 2009.

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