Manna Got Stop Complaining

Hip Hip Horaaaayyy! Hip Hip Horaaaayy!  Hip Hip Horaaaayy! Three cheers for my sons (Londen, photo below #11) Upwards basketball team the “Spartans” this Saturday as they had their first victory over the Golden Bears. It’s their 3rd game of the season and watching their progression, as their coach, from the first practices up until this 3rd game has been quite the experience for me. This is my first time ever coaching anything. I figured I needed to quit dodging responsibility and try stepping up for once. Plus I’ve seen Upwards done a few times and last year assisted with my younger sons football team. I’d say the organization really does all the work except for give the instructions to the kids on what to do during practices and games, but even that’s provided in written form considering you know how to read. LoL

In other news, I’ve started listening to a new podcast this week called “The Briefing” by a Christian brainiac (Al Mohler) if you could call him that who discusses current events from a christian world view. It’s actually kinda timely for me as I’d been thinking about how I could keep up with the times because shameful to say I don’t watch much news. He does an excellent job with bringing out the importance of what we see changing in our world and why we as Christians should care. So, should you get tired of just listening to music like I sometimes find myself doing, check him out. But now to the “bloggness at hand.”

Back in late 2009, before we moved to Atlanta, Denise gave birth to our 4th and youngest child Amaya Renee Chavis. At the time we only had one car I believe, 1999 Chrysler Sebring, with a sunroof I might add. I loved that thing. Well anyhow, it being our only vehicle for a now family of six we were gonna need something new. And tax season was still a few months away so you know we wasn’t fixing to remedy that for a minute. But it just so happened that the church we’d been attending was donated an SUV the week before Denise went into labor. And it was that Sunday, Dec 21st when the church leaders were discussing what to do with the recently donated bright yellow expedition, that they received a text from me saying that we had given birth to Amaya. It was then that they’d settled on what to do with the Expedition…. So mind you, they gave us a 99 Ford Expo that had been tricked out and used as a Show Truck. Yellow inside and out, on 22’s, screens in the seats, I’m Jim Jones and Denise was Chrissy cause we was”Baaaallliiiin!!!!” LoL Or at least looked the part as we paid nothing for it. The Lord had shown out for us!

Well, years down the road, gas prices are high and shoes for 22’s will have any working man singing the blues. And not only that, we live in Ga now where you gotta pay for and pass emissions just to give the state money to get a little sticker on your license plate. From time to time these things make me wanna complain about what God has provided and honestly, sometimes I despise it. But then I’m reminded of a lesson taught to the Israelites while crossing the desert on the way to the promise land. Heres the picture; The Israelites had been freed by God from captivity by the Egyptians for 400 years with the promise of a land of their own, flowing with milk and honey. But during the way, the Lord took them through the desert to test them, to know their hearts. While crossing the desert the Lord had been providing for them in many ways, such as shade during the day, heat and light at night, clothes that lasted 40 years, water and even food. But its one time in particular I want to us to look at. Its found in Numbers 11. The children of Israel had been eating manna, which was bread literally provided by God. They would go to sleep at night, a mist would fall to the ground and when they had awakened their would be manna (sometimes called angels food) to supply their need. After eating this day after day they began to complain to Moses and literally said “we remember the fish we use to eat for free in Egypt. And we had all the cucumbers, melons, leeks, onions, and garlic we wanted. But now our appetites are gone and all we ever see is the manna!”  Wow…. Complaining… Are you serious!?!? They ain’t making bricks without straws like they was doing in Egypt… Getting beat for not making them quotas everyday… But they miss Egypt cause they tired of food falling from the sky… I mean if the money grew on trees these jokers might complain the ink was still wet!  How could they be so ungrateful!?!? But then again, how could I..?

We all can point to things we know the Lords blessed us with, from material things, to jobs, to relationships. Things we knew were from His hand at one point, but for some reason or another we’ve gotten tired of them. Discontentment has set in… And if not careful we’ll find that our discontentment is so often not with that one thing or person, but with the Lord. But that’s another blog in itself. If you haven’t read the story of the God’s people being lead out of Egypt I encourage you to give it go. The story can be found in Exodus, the second book in the bible.

I hope I didn’t go too long for you. Thanks for following. And my prayer is that He allows you to find your complete satisfaction in Him! Grace and Peace!


~ by dac1224 on January 19, 2015.

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