Just Call Me 2Chainz!!

13.1 miles…!? Without some form of mental distraction….!?!?! Bwa Stawwwp! Can’t even do it… And I know I’ve seen a meme say that if you need music to run then you aint a runner!…. Ok, I’m cool with that, then I’m a walker, a fast paced walker. LoL I like running. I enjoy the feeling of having covered miles of ground with my legs in a short time. But without music running for me is like a 2pc dark and no biscuit or skrawberry drank! Where they do that at!? So this weekend I was on a mission in Albany with the fam to collect my second medal for running a half marathon. 13.1 miles I knew I would cover, cause I knew I wanted that chain, but how much pain I’d go through to get it is what I didn’t know as I hadn’t trained as much for this one as I did my last. And I’ve been having knee problems as its been popping out of socket randomly. Once while at work it popped out and brought me to my knees in the Publix parking lot in front of folks. My coworker and a customer were like “Man.. U ok!?” Couldn’t  do nothing but laugh. And even though it doesn’t do it while running I didn’t know if that was just a coincidence or not. I knew I was sure to find out this weekend.

This was my first time traveling to participate in a race and I brought the fam which was a blessing. Having them there especially at my last mile encouraged me to look strong as they would be somewhere on the side line ready to dap me up and cheer me on, although 6 people in one hotel room should be avoided at all cost. But because of poor planning on my part it was too rushed and I wasn’t able to enjoy all aspects of a traveled run. I literally came into town, got my packet, ate, slept, ran and came home.  I did however encounter some small adventures which hopefully has lead into new friendships such as waiting in the hotel lobby and bumming a ride to the event, twice! And I discovered a shrimp, chicken and sausage pasta from Ruby Tuesdays that was the straight up bomb! I’ve eaten it again since this weekend. LoL

I knew I wouldn’t PR but I didn’t want to finish too much later than my last half which was 2:05. My time in this weeks half was 2 mins slower, but I can live with that. Due to my new nike gps sportswatch I was able to watch my pace and maintain a 30 min window, between 9.02-9.33, my quicker pace being at the beginning. There are a few things I noticed while running I thought I’d bring up. Interesting to me, do what you want with them. The first being not only with this run but with all races I’ve participated in is the habit of finding what I think I will call a “tofit friend (thick.of.it.friend).” This is the person whom I find myself strangely attached to through the thick of the run. Not the beginning nor end, but through the middle of my runs. We don’t ever talk.. We just run… And run together! Maybe its all in my mind, but I use this person to maintain whatever pace I find them in and I just hold it until I get close enough to the end where I know I can pick it up and maintain for the rest of the run. It was around that time towards the end of my run I saw a couple funny poster boards that took my mind off the run and helped me pick up the pace. One read “Chuck (Norris) runs until the treadmill gets tired” and the other “At least you run better than our government.” Run supporters are the best. So even if you’re not a runner, it sure feels good to have folk on the sideline cheering you on. Even if you don’t know them.

The last interesting thing I saw was around mile 5 at an intersection there was a funeral procession that was held up due to runners crossing it. And being still kinda early on in the race the runners were still somewhat clumped together. So he wasn’t gonna get a chance to pass anytime soon. The hearse driver was out off his car and had to be fussing with the patrolman as another officer across the street had to forcefully command the driver to get back into his car. I just thought it was interesting and with all do respect to the deceased that day, but death had to make a way for life. We’re used to seeing a funeral and everyone moving to the side here in the south giving it the right of way. A sign of respect for the family as well as the dead going to their final resting place. Except, in truth, for those in Christ death no longer gets the right of way. I know that was probably a weak analogy and I hope it doesn’t come across as too distasteful. But the truth is, death gets too much attention…. As it only takes a second to die and then you live forever. Instead of being so concerned with death, in my opinion, we need to be concerned with the life afterwards….

So that was my weekend and some. Its taking days to recover, longer than it did the last half marathon I ran, due to none to hardly any training. Something I plan to remedy as my next half is coming up in April. And hopefully a full by years end!!

Pre race photo! #6pacolypse

Pre race photo! #6pacolypse


The fam and I post race.


I was so nervous before the race. One the rare times I don’t wish I had his hair! LoL


Drake doesn’t need new friends but I’m always glad to make some!


Another chain for the collection! Albany Marathon!

New friends. Rode with them to the event from the hotel! Thanks guys!

New friends. Rode with them to the event from the hotel! Thanks guys!

The kids kept asking "whats that stuff on your face"...LoL

The kids kept asking “whats that stuff on your face”…LoL

Me crossing the finish line. Amazing how they get everyone crossing!

Me crossing the finish line. Amazing how they get everyone crossing!


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