Complex, Concert and Gold Fever *Hiccup*

Whats up everyone…!?  I’m beginning to think that running always leads to me blogging. But perhaps it’s not so much the running but the adventure of meeting new people and tackling long distances armed with, or rather “toed” with nothing but moccasins and an ipod..!? Maybe what I should do is something else besides running these races to test my inspirations!  But alas I am here, post race trying to fill you in on a few of this weeks events, ending with the half marathon I ran this morning.

I’ll start though with this complex I think I’m beginning to develop.  You all, at least you all who have actually seen me in real life know I’m not that tall, and stand at 5’5″ which is average height, by my definition, no need to google ;). And actually the last time I went to have a physical done to renew my med card for my cdl the nurse measured me at 5’6″… The same height as my wife, who swears shes taller regardless of what the nurse says. Whatever…!!!! But here is I think where my complex started. Since we’ve been married I’ve kinda accepted it that she may be taller and its never really bothered me. Not too much… Lately though its been times when I see her in the kitchen cooking or in the bathroom getting her hair together and I wanna get that kiss on her neck or some other affectionate move without interrupting what she’s doing and I have to kinda tip toe to get at my love…. And don’t let her have shoes on and me not… Why they make collars…!? They wrong for that!!! :/ Then the devil’ll subconsciously hit me with, why don’t you just get a concordance, get that extra boost homie…  I jest! But I think thats where the complex started.

And as if that ain’t enough, about a month ago one day when I arrived to work, one of my coworkers, whom I get along with started greeting me in his islander accent with “Hey little man!” He went a few mornings doing it, then one day, in my feelings I said something to him “Whatch Ya Mouth Bwa”…  Needless to say he didn’t stop… It took me about a week to internally work it out that he don’t mean no harm and I need to let it go. Afterwards I just started going with it and responding with “Hey big guy!” I’d mastered my pride over that moment…  Well… Until this Friday when getting my paperwork together I see the plant manager (my bosses, bosses boss) who knows me by name, but haven’t seen in months sees me and the first thing he says “Hey Lil Man”…… WHAT!???? My eyes flicked green and the #6pacolypse almost came out…SMH I was able to eek out a “Hey Big Man” as I about faced and went in another direction, offended. This little man complex is something serious… Pray for me! It’s pride! I know now that I’ve told you all this you might pray for me… But prey on me and I’mma need to then pray for your healing suckas… Don’t do it!!! LoL

The other event in my life this week has been taking Denise to this Anomaly tour on Thursday to see christian rap artist Lecrae and Andy Mineo. I wanna first say thank you to the team of folk who babysat while we went up to Athens (my first of 3 trips) 1 1/2 hrs away. I wanted to bring my older 2 along but because of school testing we decided it wouldn’t have been good… So we went and although I think for the most part it was a good to hear and see them, I wasn’t too impressed with their performances. More Andys than Lecraes… For some reason I expected more of a show (something to see) especially from Andy because he seems so crazy wild on the internets. Definitely a little more than just pacing back and forth in front of a big tv screen… Their rapping was good and they did some good songs. The lights and screen work was cool… The bass had my arm hair jumping, which turned out to be my favorite part. But overall, I kept thinking where was the stage show!? Lecrae had more of a stage show to his, but then Lecrae has more years in it. My baby was all into it though… Singing and dancing so much it made my heart glad. Get down baby..!!!!!

I should’ve taken off work to take her though because we got there right at starting time and had paid $45 instead of $25 a piece for a meet and greet with Andy before the show along with early entry. Some of the problem was poor planning on my part. I gotta get better! In the end though I was glad to be with Denise and that she enjoyed it!

Which brings me to todays half marathon. 13.1 miles of hill after hill after hill… Had I’da known the course before hand  it might have been the nail in the coffin for me. The first plank to that coffin was that 2 of the kids had games today in separate places..  It wasn’t even baseball season when I signed up for the Chic-Fi-La half in Athens Ga. But my baby had agreed to pull it off so I could participate in the race… I wanna take a moment here to interject a bit of wisdom that doesn’t directly relate to this situation but nevertheless is marital importance… And that is that I’ve been married 13 yrs but am just learning that wifies wanna know that we as men will stop everything to assist them… EVERYTHING!!! And without acting extra… Its a hard lesson… Its how they are wired… They need this…. SMH Now back to me and this coffin. Denise agreeing to getting the kids to their games freed me up to stay on my mission, chasing chains. Another plank came while sitting in Athens, Thursday after work, waiting on Lecrae to come out I remember that races have “race-day packets (A race-day packet comes with your bib, which is the officials way of tracking you and is needed in order to be counted as a participant)” and I needed to see how I’d get mine. After a quick look I was disgusted to see that I had to pick up my packet from the health and wellness expo, that very next day in the same building I was sitting in at the time… SMH!!! Maaannnnnn…  I almost cried thinking about having  to drive back up here the very next day after work on which was said earlier in the week to be a heavy day, and then back home on friday and then back and again on saturday! TOOOO MUCH! Discussing it with Denise during intermission she encouraged me to just try to find someone to get it for me or see if the coordinators could hold it till I arrive on Saturday. So I spent all Friday on the phone while at work trying to call around to make something shake. I’d decided that because I’d failed to plan and the kids had games and there was rain on Saturdays forecast and I was fatigued already from Thursdays trip coupled with this grueling coke work that I would except my dwindling hopes of running. But then at some point I looked on CFA’s facebook and seen that awesome medal for the finishers and what could only be described using a term from ducktales hit me, “Gold Fever” *hiccup*…. Sidenote.. I wonder if I can get Ducktales seasons from Amazon!? After that… I hated what I knew I was about to do… So getting off work.. I told Denise I was just gonna go back up there and get it… She didn’t want me to. And we ain’t the best at conflict, but yesterday we did good at respecting, communicating and understanding each others points of view. She hates me driving long distances after work… I dozed off more than once on the way to and back from Thursdays Anomaly concert. So afterwards I rolled out with my oldest to the make that trek. It was only suppose to be and hr and a half but I found myself on 85 going north during rush hr… That made it almost a 3 hr trip. We arrived like 15 mins before the expo closed. The whole drive I kept thinking, Lord help me accept if I get there and its closed.. At least I can sleep in on Saturday…

All the way up to this morning I encountered trouble. As I thought the race started at 8… SMH! Nope… I realized about 6 miles away from Athens this morning start time was 7:15… Luckily I had planned to arrive at 7. I literally stepped out the car at 7… Went to the restroom, came out, walked to the start line, geared up and they blew the whistle. I had no time to eat or anything… I ate energy gums and drank at every station along the way trying stay energized! I’m suprised to say I didn’t experience the one unavoidable problem from my first two halfs. Side cramps around mile 7 and 8… Despite the hill-acious course (pun intended), the only thing I suffered from was fatigue due to not eating, later on in the race. I knew that because of poor training not to push myself so I decided to take pics and videos during the race, enjoying the trip. I ended up not even running the whole thing. Due to the hills I had to enact plan b, which was to walk up the hills and then jog with a wider stride down them. All this lead to a finishing time of 2:15:43… Which isn’t my best time but is certainly better than I had expected considering the route and my own condition.

During the course though I couldn’t help but remember that like this particular hilly course we go through ups and downs in life right up to its end… And sometimes there seems to be nothing in it to truly look forward to but the end. What end though..!? For todays race it was that medal!! In life though, that depends on you… If ever you need a reason to keep ya head up… Get at me!



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